• History Pin

    History Pin

    In the last blog my colleague Pascal described how the Historiana Learning Team had searched for digital tools that could be used to enhance historical learning. In the first blog about an actual tool I thought I would write about my favourite – HistoryPin.

  • The needle in the haystack

    The needle in the haystack

    Hello again, Welcome to the second blog about online tools for teaching and learning history. This blog will take a look at the process that took place before the start of this blog series and might be of particular interest to both teacher trainers and students who are learning to become history educators, as well…

  • Introduction


    Dear Teachers, Welcome to the first blog in what will hopefully be a long range of blogs about online tools for history education. In this blog I will first give a short introduction of who we are. Secondly I will provide a short overview of the purpose and timeframe of these blogs. We, the writers…