Historiana is an on-line educational multimedia tool that offers students multi-perspective, cross-border and comparative historical sources to supplement their national history textbooks.

Historiana might be considered as a digital alternative to a European textbook, however the website does not attempt to present a comprehensive ‘story of Europe’ and its relationship with the rest of the world. It offers a framework for comparing and contrasting the impact on and responses by Europe’s nations to a range of different events and developments which have shaped the world from the distant past to modern times.

Historiana promotes the acquisition of cross-border historical knowledge and the development of critical thinking, digital and other transversal competences important for preparing a young generation for active participation as citizens of the 21st Century.

Join the Historiana Community

Are you interested in the development of Historiana? Would you like to stay up to date about new content and features? Or would you like to contribute to the continuous development of Historiana? Please join the Historiana Facebook group. Contributions to Historiana Labs are welcomed, please contact us at labs@historiana.eu.

History educators and historians from more than 30 countries have actively contributed to the present on-line tool. Recently also, educators from India, Middle East, North Africa and the United States have expressed an interest in contributing to the website.

Historiana will continue to grow as more and more contributors upload suitable material.

The Team

EUROCLIO – European Association of History Educators, a community of educators who are committed to continuously improve the way history is being taught. EUROCLIO is run by a professional secretariat, which is supervised by a democratically elected board. EUROCLIO wants to enable and inspire educators to help their students become active and critical citizens through meaningful and inclusive education. EUROCLIO has over twenty years’ experience in organising trainings, managing (inter)-national projects and the collaborative design and testing of educational resources. EUROCLIO is coordinating the overall development of Historiana.

Webtic, is a company with a long history rooted in hacking and a great passion for design. Ever since the early start of the worldwide-web Webtic is building smart solutions based on open source server software and web technology. A signature feature of Webtic’s work, is that they makes use of the latest development which enables them to see possibilities that haven’t been discovered by others. Webtic has developed Historiana from scratch, using various technologies, including HTML5, Neo4J database and Vue.js. The company has full time staff and depending on the assignment works together with independents.

Historiana Blog

Historiana Blog is a place to exchange information related to the use of digital technologies for the advancement of history education. Here insights will be shared by people working on the development of Historiana as well as information on (new) tools made by others with suggestions on how to use these to promote historical thinking through active learning.

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