Historiana is EuroClio’s online alternative to a European History textbook; it is engaging, interactive and critical. The rationale behind having such a platform came from the need to constantly revise printed material. This virtual learning environment offers a flexible and well-suited approach to an ever evolving subject.

Historiana is an online resource for educators that offers a variety of material to teach inclusive history and citizenship in blended formats. It provides free historical content, ready-to-use learning activities, and innovative digital tools developed by a team of history educators from across Europe and beyond. Historiana’s development is informed by the EuroClio manifesto and seeks to provide resources that are complex and multi-perspective to promote critical thinking. Historiana provides access to hundreds of educational resources and thousands of historical sources.

Not sure where to begin? Check out our post on “Getting Started on Historiana”!

Historiana Blogs

Historiana Blog is a place to share ideas about how to use Historiana in the classroom to support historical thinking and active learning. It is also a place to share updates about ‘what’s new’ on the site. We would love to hear how you are using Historiana to support the teaching of your students. Please write a blogpost and send it to us at secretariat@euroclio.eu if you would like to contribute!

Join the Historiana Community

Are you interested in the development of Historiana? Would you like to stay up to date about new content and features? Or would you like to contribute to the continuous development of Historiana? Please join the Historiana Facebook group.

If you would like to be directly involved in the development of Historiana, by recommending topics, developing your own content, or translating existing content, please reach out to the Historiana Team at secretariat@euroclio.eu.

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