Historiana in Practice

In 2023, we have launched a new campaign on Historiana. In the next months, we will be posting new articles on how Historiana can be used in specific contexts, as well as to promote historical thinking skills. #staytuned to discover more about how the members of our Teaching and Learning team use Historiana in their day-to-day!

Discover our latest posts on Historiana in practice below!

  • Getting Started on Historiana

    Keep hearing about Historiana but not sure where to begin? As we move towards the start of a new school year, the Historiana team wants to provide new users with a very quick tour of some of the key features on the site.  While you can explore and use Historiana without creating an account, registering…

  • Enriching Greek History Education with Historiana: didactic proposals for teachers

    Historiana, developed by the European Association of History Educators (EUROCLIO) in collaboration with a network of history educators and researchers, offers a wealth of resources and tools to enrich history education. The end of the school year and summer time offers a great opportunity to teachers to design their material for the next year. In…