Development Support

This page provides support to contributors to Historiana. In the future, additional support pages will be added.


On this page you can find the latest templates for the development of Historiana resources. We are using these templates so that all Historiana resources have a similar look and feel. We choose to work with .pptx and .docx formats because educators that download these resources can adapt these themselves using a variety of programmes.

The latest template for historical content presentations is: Template version 2016-11-17.pptx

Here is an explanation of how to use this template. If you don’t yet know how to apply a layout for individual slides, this is a must read. In case you find that there is something that you cannot present in the way you want, please contact, and do not make exceptions to the layout yourself, as this might cause extra work when processing and uploading your presentation. In those cases, it is often better to update the template.

The latest template for learning activities is:

Here is an explanation of how to use this template. As you can see there are several optional elements that you can include, but by no means all have to include. Because it is impossible to anticipate every need, if you want to make something that is different from the template (such a new worksheet) we encourage you to propose a design yourself. It might even end up in an updated version of the template.

The current templates are made as simple as possible, so that all the attention of the users (educators and students) goes to the content, and not distract them with the design. The font we use is Trebuchet MS.  We choose this font because it is easy to read, because it is one of the most universal fonts available, and because it closely resembles the fonts we use on

Thanks for all your help!